Why this site?

The first reason I gathered my work together here is, of course, that I want people to read it. My hope is to encourage feedback, which should, with luck, improve my writing skills.

I believe in openness, honesty, and sincerity. These are qualities I find less and less of nowadays, particularly in the corporate world, where such traits are a positive hindrance. In my reading of things, money and profit have assumed such importance in deciding what gets done, everything else has sadly, but necessarily, receded into the distant background. This is very unhealthy for humans generally, and can only lead us in the wrong direction. Surely we are more important than money and profit, for both lose relevance when there are no humans around. So, in the spirit of Ghandi, I am, with this small site, attempting to become the change I seek.

On this site, as one of many other processes I am pursuing, I offer my work up to scrutiny in as honest, open and sincere a way as I know. If you take the time to read the body of my work, I hope you will detect that what drives me is the hope, indeed the conviction, that a far better way is possible, and that it is up to us all to bring it about.