These articles were written as part of my ongoing effort to encourage discussion and open thinking at a time in our history where many epoch-changing forces are coming to a head. Automation is an old story, but its augmentation through Artificial Intelligence and robotics, both still very much in their infancy, is a whole other ball game. Add to this nano-technology, peak-oil, global systemic crisis, environmental upheavals, and global climate change, and you have very interesting times indeed. Change is always with us, but is faster now than ever before. We cannot hope to fashion a sensible and robust path forward through these challenges unless we take everything into account cohesively, and try to understand clearly how each factor influences the other. To my mind a resource-based economy (RBE) presents us with such a path. The RBE idea needs to be researched and tested. See the links below for more.

I cannot claim to have taken everything into account, but am trying my best, and improving my understanding as I go. I am no academic, no expert, just an ordinary Joe, so the articles I present here are subject to constant revision as my own knowledge base expands. I see none of them as complete, nor do I seek to complete them; they are starting points in constant need of improvement, as well as invitations to join the discussion.

I am only aware of a few people who look at the big picture. None of them are politicians. I am therefore adding my voice to this "Big Picture" mix in the strong belief that it needs all the input it can get. I also hope you will add yours. The internet is the element in all this that gives us our best chance of joining the dots.

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